About Us

Core Values

At Zep Inc., we recognize that corporate culture has as much impact on a company’s performance as its business strategy. We strive to deliver more than just financial results — we want to be a highly desirable place to work for all of our associates, and to continuously contribute to the improvement of our industry and to the communities in which we operate. Great companies achieve success by consistently behaving in ways that reflect their core values, and at Zep Inc., our values demonstrate who we are.

Acting with Integrity – We strive to do the right thing—always. Clearly and consistently demonstrating an understanding of ethical boundaries is the guiding principle of all of our actions.

Keeping Customers First – We see our customers as our partners – the lifeblood of our business. By understanding their needs, responding quickly, and proactively providing the highest quality products and services, we impact not only their success, but drive our own as well.

Critical Thinking – We work through problems, consequences, and potential solutions quickly and efficiently by objectively analyzing facts in the environment and arriving at the best decision for the organization, even when this means making a tough or unpopular decision.

Teamwork – We create effective working relationships with team members by treating others fairly, maintaining an approachable atmosphere, sustaining open and honest two-way communications, and involving others in decision-making processes when appropriate.

Results Oriented – We meet all commitments and goals by maintaining a focus on outcomes and a bias for action which aids us in creatively overcoming distractions, obstacles, and oppositions.

Efficient Resource Use – We organize and plan for the efficient use of resources, and actively seek opportunities to make systems and processes more effective.

Commitment to Excellence – We continually strive to improve our performance by applying the technical knowledge, skills, and abilities that will ultimately help us develop new and innovative strategies and directions.