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Zep Inc., with fiscal year 2013 net sales of $690 million, is a leading consumable packaged goods company selling a wide variety of high-performance chemicals that help professionals and prosumers clean, maintain and protect their assets. We are focused on the attractive industry dynamics of the transportation market and the industrial maintenance and repair operation (“MRO”) market which together now comprise approximately 61% of our revenue with the balance derived from sales into the facilities maintenance vertical. We market these products and services under well recognized and established brand names, such as Zep®, Zep Commercial®, Zep Professional®, Enforcer®, National Chemical™, Selig™, Misty®, Next Dimension™, Petro®, i-Chem®, TimeMist®, TimeWick™, MicrobeMax®, Country Vet®, Konk®, Original Bike Spirits®, Blue Coral®, Black Magic®, Rain-X®, Niagara National™, FC Forward Chemicals®, Rexodan®, Mykal™, and a number of private labeled brands. Founded in 1937, some of Zep Inc.'s brands have been in existence since 1896.

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CEO Message "the work we have done in fiscal 2012 built momentum for fiscal 2013. As a result, I am confident that we have the right strategy, the right business model, and importantly, the right people to deliver continually improving results." – Chairman and CEO John Morgan reviews the year. Learn More »
Growth Strategy Expanded distribution and retail channel access, integrated accretive acquisitions and improved operational efficiencies form the pillars of our growth strategy. Learn More »
History & Culture Since 1937, our focus has been to offer our customers the best industrial cleaning and maintenance products in the industry backed by superior customer service and support. Learn More »
Leadership Our Corporate Leadership Team’s years of experience serve as the backbone for creating the solid platform for Zep to grow and lead future generations of our associates. Learn More »
Sustainability We are committed to diligent environmental stewardship to ensure a sustainable, higher quality of life for current and future generations. Learn More »